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I'm a twenty-two-year-old college senior with a love for history. Traveling gives me life and I have an adorable Sheltie named Indie (like Indiana Jones aka Harrison Ford).  When I'm not finishing up my degree, I'm drinking iced mochas and teaching English to middle schoolers. More importantly, I'm a senior and couples photographer who lives for soothing rainy weather. I'm here to help you capture what you love best, whether that's running around in an open field or snuggling up warm next to the ocean!

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We recently did a photoshoot with her and had. SO. MUCH. FUN. Legitimately! My sides ached from laughing for so long. Maddie was a blast to work with and we loved how the pictures turned out! Soooo, here are some real authentic snapshots of my family - grinning, goofy, and everything in between. 



- Alyssa + Josh

My fiancé and I had an amazing time with Madison! Her pictures were beautiful and captured all the *us* moments. She also captured great pictures of us with our beloved pups!! We couldn’t have asked for a more natural, fun time while taking pictures.

"All the *US* moments"



The sneak peeks we got back were amazing!! She is amazing at her work and knows what she’s doing. She’s incredibly sweet, professional, and was so fun to work with.


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